Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides income security when you’ve been injured or are suffering from a chronic illness which prevents you from working. This type of insurance is offered to anyone who wants to protect their future by paying for a disability benefits policy. If you are working for a company that provides disability benefits, you can pay for coverage when you pay for your regular medical benefits. If an unexpected health situation occurs which requires you to request an extended leave of absence, you can apply for disability through your employer. Your disability claim may be approved based upon sufficient proof of your disability and work restrictions.

The Advantages of Disability Coverage

When you’re disabled, the last thing you need to worry about is money or medical care. Disability benefits cover loss wages and provides the medical coverage you need for medical treatment. The term of your disability payments and medical coverage will vary depending on the length of time off work or if you require permanent disability insurance. Your medical provider will need to provide supporting evidence for disability coverage continuation.

The process of applying for disability is very easy. However, you must be eligible to receive disability payments. You will need to review your employer workplace policy to see how long you must be employed prior to submitting a claim. Once you have met your company‘s employment criteria, all you need to do is submit the required paperwork to your human resources FMLA department and any additional documents to your employer’s disability carrier.

Short and long term coverage is available for medical appointments, surgical procedures, physical therapy, medication, and other disability related expenses. Disability benefits have been a lifeline to many people who never expected to be injured or sick for an extended period of time. These benefits can also help you if you ever find yourself in a situation where you cannot provide for yourself or your family any more. You may not think you will need disability benefits, but it’s best to acquire the coverage just in case life presents challenges that you cannot control.