Classic Auto Insurance

The classic auto insurance is the coverage that reflects the value and uniqueness of a vehicle. This specialized insurance typically covers the collectors of antique or classic cars whose value appreciates rather than depreciates. It covers the collectible car for an agreeable amount which, in most cases, is constant depending on the type of vehicle.

This type of insurance is for individuals who own classic cars and want to protect their assets long term. Provided you have a vehicle whose present value is higher than its original selling price, you are eligible for this type of insurance. Such cars usually are kept clean, well-maintained, and sheltered with the right insurance coverage in place.

Vehicles that need classic car insurance:
• Vintage military vehicles
• Antique cars
• Exotic and luxury cars
• Muscle cars
• Hotrods and modified vehicles

Policies for these cars include the standard coverage options like collision, liability, medical payments, and comprehensive. Other than this, there is the agreed-value between the owner and the insurance firm. This amount is paid upon total coverage loss. This amount is only paid when there are no prior damages to the vehicle, no parts removed, and the vehicle’s condition has not worsened due to neglect.

Different types of coverage in existence
• Roadside assistance: This coverage includes flatbed towing in case there is an accident or breakdown.
• Spare parts coverage: As the name suggests, it caters to spare parts for the vehicle.
• No attendance required coverage: This one covers your automobile during an event or show in which you are not in attendance.
• Auto show medical reimbursement: Covers medical bills incurred in the case someone gets hurt in your car during an auto show or event.
• Traveling coverage: This covers your lodging, food, and any other expenses in case the vehicle breaks down while you are traveling.

One of the significant benefits of classic auto insurance is that it is less expensive than conventional automobile insurance. There is also guaranteed value coverage. In case of a total loss, you will receive every cent of your insured value. Last but not least, you will enjoy flexible usage. Some insurance companies allow for occasional pleasure use with no restrictions.