Supporting young victims of abuse

In our first campaign as Agents of Change, Kale Insurance has chosen to support and raise donations for the Lincoln County Child Advocacy Center.

Every 33 seconds in America a report of child abuse is made. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted before their 18 birthdays. 

When the Lincoln County Child Advocacy Center first opened, the prosecution rate of child abusers in our county was only 30%. With the advocacy center’s help, that number has gone up to 98%. 

Before the Lincoln County Child Advocacy Center opened its doors, the agencies who were responsible for investigating child abuse, each conducted their own separate investigation of the crime. A lot of the time, there was not much collaboration, which meant the child had to undergo multiple interviews, tell the same story and answer the same questions over and over again. 

When a child made a report of child abuse, the hurt had only just begun, because the process was very long and very unkind to children. The members of this organization realized they needed a better and more coordinated response to child abuse allegations, and so they formed the child advocacy center.

This organization brings all the entities together (DSS, Police, Forensics) to one table, for a multidisciplinary team approach to investigations – rather than the child being interviewed at the police station, the courthouse, the department of social services, and so on. The Advocacy Center affords victims the opportunity to be seen in a home setting atmosphere with toys and games, where the child only needs to be interviewed one time, by one person.

The children are receiving the proper mental health services, medical examinations, and support they need to heal from their abuse. Perpetrators are being put away, children are being taken care of in a less traumatic and stressful way, and they are getting justice in a much more expedited process.

Child abuse goes beyond both the physical and emotional pain that is inflicted upon them. Due to the cost of healthcare, human services, education, and juvenile justice systems, not only does it affect the child and their families but it affects our community. 

It is very important that we continue to maintain and support this movement in keeping our children safe. That is why during this campaign, Kale Insurance is asking for your help. 

When you refer a family member or friend to Kale Insurance for a quote, we will donate $10 on your behalf to this very worthy organization. Yes, that is $10 per friend! 


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