All voices deserve to be heard, but many youth do not feel safe and are unable to speak up for themselves. Children who have been abused or neglected are remaining silent in communities across the country. The problem is significant, but how bad is it? Every year, more than 3 million allegations of child abuse are filed in the United States alone, amounting to roughly one report every ten seconds.

Many organizations are launching projects to put an end to child abuse once and for all. The Lincoln County Coalition Against Child Abuse’s Child Advocacy Center is dedicated to being the ultimate source of relief when a child is victimized by coordinating efforts. They aim to reduce further trauma for the child by responding to threads quickly and effectively. Our agency is thrilled to continue working alongside such a noble organization.

If you would like to join us in our mission to help improve the lives of these children, it’s easy to get involved! Simply recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to receive a no-obligation insurance quote from us, and we’ll donate $10 on your behalf for each! All funds raised will go directly to Lincoln County’s Child Advocacy Center. Let’s work together to put an end to this cruelty to our area’s children!

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